When you choose Powhatan Real Estate Settlements to help with your closing, you’ll see why we say “smoother, easier, friendlier.”

Our Services

Real Estate Closings — Residential and Commercial

We love to help homeowners seal the deal. This is the final step in a real estate transaction and what we do most often for our customers. On the date chosen, the ownership of the property will be transferred from seller to buyer at our office or a location of your choice.

Title Examinations

Our team understands title examinations. Before a closing can happen, public records are carefully examined to make sure that the property has passed correctly through every owner. This may involve looking at past deeds, wills and other forms of legal ownership.

Title Insurance

This special type of insurance protects the new buyers from any defects in the title of the property and financial implications from issues. Let us help you understand if you need this and how to obtain it.

Seller Side Services

If you are selling your home without a Realtor®, we can assist you with certain types of contracts and paperwork to make everything go smoothly.

After Hours Closings

Powhatan Real Estate Settlements is happy to accommodate after hours closing Monday-Friday. Please contact us for information.

Witness Closings

This is a service we offer when one or more of the parties (buyers or sellers) is not in town and needs someone to represent them at the closing.

Document Retrievals

If a buyer or seller needs certain documents for the purpose of a real estate transaction, our professionals can find what is needed.

7 Pillars of Real Estate Settlements

American Land Title Association, better know as ALTA, is the national trade association that represents thousands of title and real estate professionals. It maintains a list of best practices for the title and real estate industries, often referred to as the “Seven Pillars.”

Powhatan Real Estate Settlements follows these seven pillars as a professional business. Below is an abridged description of these, as written by ALTA.

Pillar 1: Licensing
Establish and maintain current license(s) as required to conduct the business of title insurance and settlement services.

Pillar 2: Escrow Trust Accounting
Adopt and maintain appropriate written procedures and controls for Escrow Trust Accounting allowing for electronic verification of reconciliation.

Pillar 3: Protecting NPI (Non-Public Personal Information)
Adopt and maintain a written privacy and information security program to protect Non-Public Personal Information (NPI) as required by local, state and federal law.

Pillar 4: Settlement Processes
Adopt standard real estate settlement procedures and policies that help ensure compliance with federal and state consumer financial laws as applicable to the settlement process.

Pillar 5: Title Opinions
Adopt and maintain written procedures related to title work, final title opinions, reporting and premium remittance.

Pillar 6: Insurance Coverage
Maintain appropriate professional liability insurance and fidelity coverage.

Pillar 7: Consumer Complaints
Adopt and maintain written procedures for resolving consumer complaints.